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 Humanity is a part of one consciousness, when one part hurts the whole suffers. we have unwittingly given our power away, it's time to remember who we are, deprogram ourselves and start thriving again --

Traditional Masks

Casanova 'Barroque' Full Mask - Gold
Gold Barroque style edging with embedded jewels (L151).

Price: £36.00
Quantity: Out of Stock
Guy Fawkes 'V' Mask - White
Papier Mache Mask, very high quality (VENDETTA).

Price: £45.00
Naso Turco Musica Half Mask
Gold 'Stucco' Details. This mask is suitable for a man who wears spectacles (T128).

Price: £43.00
Nasone Musica Half Mask
Gold 'Stucco' Details and sheets of Music printed onto parts of the Mask (T127).

Price: £37.00
Phantom of the Opera Half Mask - White Craquelè
White painted mask, inspired from 'Phantom of the Opera' (T050P).

Price: £35.00

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